The Biggest NFT Drop of The Summer Mudbone Labz – Advancing NFTs Through Web3 & Hints of Web4

Mudbone NFT Coinbase Binance Opensea Bored Ape NFTS Kucoin Crypto Bitcoin Ethereum
Mudbone NFT Coinbase Binance Opensea Bored Ape NFTS Kucoin Crypto Bitcoin Ethereum

Coverage on Mudbone Labz historic NFT drop.

Mudbone Raises $2 In First Private Round

  -- The ETH-based NFT project has successfully raised $2 in a recently-concluded private round to start off its funding initiative.

Mudbone Labz will hold a remaining private round, phase 2, in the coming weeks, which will be their final round before launching their 4000 collectible edition. 

Notable names and industry players are excited to watch such an innovative and creative company who is pushing the boundaries on NFTs. Mudbone Labz has a final round in the upcoming weeks.


Mudbone Labz has tapped its own experts in the industry to lead and develop into the future. The foundation of their success will be built on the community and their associates are prepared to evolve over time, continually pushing into the future with innovative ideas and protocols.

With the collectible and trading community at the heart of Mudbone’s long-term plan, the 1st edition launch will lay a solid foundation for years to come. 


The recent developments put Mudbone Labz off to a great start as the project is on track to complete private sale expectations and achieve important milestones ahead of schedule. 

About Mudbone Labz

Mudbone Labz is an innovative NFT development company whose highly anticipated 1st edition launch of “Mudbone” will set a new standard for the entire industry. The NFT market is already filled with plenty of projects but Mudbone is strongly positioned to stand out in terms of innovation and evolving strategic aspects. Mudbone is a collectibles project of 4000 Mudbones. 






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CEO, Wayne Kerr

CMO, Dixie Normis 

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